Our Staff

Jack and Jill’s Nurseries offer a qualified, experienced and professional team of dedicated staff, the nurseries have a history of high staff retention, staff are warm and friendly. Each child is assigned to one member of staff who then becomes the child’s key person and is responsible for their welfare and development whilst at Jack and Jills. Parents and key persons are encouraged to develop mutually supportive relationships to ensure continuity of care. Training is taken seriously to ensure staff are fully able to carry out their duties in a competent and professional manner. All staff are police checked and references are taken up.

The minimum staffing ratios are as follows:-
Children over 3 year 1 adult per 8 children
Children 2-3 years 1 adult per 4 children

To find out more or to arrange a visit please call us or email us on

Sydenham House – 01279 444 425 – info@jackandjillsnurseryharlow.co.uk

Mark Hall – 01279 957 278 – info@jackandjillsnurseryharlow.co.uk